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Choosing Shopify as our ecommerce platform and it's benefits


Who are Shopify?

Shopify is a leading ecommerce system that thousands of businesses use to run their online shops. It is very scalable and secure offering plans to fit businesses venturing online for the first time and those looking to expand or move their current online shops. Shopify works with your social media from marketing to direct selling (buy buttons) on Facebook, Instagram and other sites.

It has a strong core ecommerce system to start running your shop and is highly flexible offering additional tools or apps built by developers outside Shopify. These third party apps (some paid for and some free) can help fill specific needs you may have for your shop. For example you may want to use of a particular delivery company or integrate your accounting software into your online shop's system.

More about the apps we recommend on our demo site.   

Why did we choose to work with Shopify?

During lockdown we decided to spend time researching different ways we could build online shops for small businesses. We felt that there would be an increased demand for businesses to go online and that we were in a good position to help our fellow business owners get the most out of their online shops.

For us Shopify had the best balance of functionality (in the core system and the additional apps), ease of use, personalisation, stability, security and scalability with great documentation and support at a fair price. And while they are based in Canada, they have a large customer base in the UK.

We found the documentation thorough with online training courses and guides for both customers and partners, such as ourselves. The community forums are busy and friendly making them an excellent place to find and offer support.

As a Shopify partner there is a clear pathway for us to use when working with you from initial discussion, gathering your shop's requirements, building and handing over your shop to you.

Based on our experience with lots of online projects we know that many clients want us to stay involved to help, especially as they get used to a new way of working online. We really liked the way Shopify has thought about this and provides a way for you to allow us to stay involved with your shop once it’s launched if you want us to.

How we reviewed the different ecommerce systems on our demo site

Doric Design Demos: Why Shopify?

More information on our demo site

Why Shopify?

Our research
- which systems we tested
- how we reviewed them (our criteria)
- the tasks we tried
- our conclusions
- how we can help you build your shop

What can you see in our demo shops
- display products by same colour or style
- select a product using colour swatches
- postcode check to see if you can receive deliveries
- cash on delivery payment options 
- sales, special offers and discounts
- reviews
- social media
- an unbranded shop - think about how you would want to personalise it to your business 

What can you try in our demo shops
- create a test order
- explore the extra tools (apps) we recommend
- get an idea of the costs involved in creating and running your online shop
- get in touch to start talking to us about your online shop

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Why Shopify?

Choosing Shopify as our ecommerce platform


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