Online shop costs

What to think about when you take your business online, suppliers, hosting, your time and effort 

Costs for online shops

Direct and indirect costs 

We understand that finding out what your website will cost is essential to your business.

Whatever stage you are at with your online shop, from just setting up to expanding your current shop we can help you work out the costs involved. As well as direct costs for your site (from providers like us and Shopify) you will also think about the time you will spend working on the set up with us defining which products you want to sell online, getting photographs and descriptions ready, managing inventory and deciding on things like payment and delivery options.

Costs to consider when going online:

- registering and hosting your website
- ongoing monthly costs for your shop’s ecommerce system
- transaction costs
- POS (point of sale) costs
- set up and design costs from Doric Design
- your own time and effort getting the site set up (for example deciding on products, photography, descriptions, delivery and payment options)

Cost calculator

To help you calculate the direct costs, Shopify, extra tools (apps) and Doric Design, we have created an online calculator on our shop demo site. It only takes a few minutes to complete.  When we talk to you in person, we can go through all the options in more detail and create you a tailored, detailed proposal.   

Costs of other sites

Are you looking for a website but not sure you need a shop just yet?  We’re happy to talk to you about other options for building your website. It is important to select hosting services that can help you build and update your site now, and let you build a shop in future. There’s a whole range out there to choose from, and the good news is Shopify can often be added to your site later even if they are not who your site is registered or hosted with.  We can talk you through the options available.  Find out more about our services.

Doric Design Demos: cost calculator

More information on our demo site

Cost calculator

Find out more about costs
- domain names
- Shopify plans & costs
- Shopify POS
- extra apps - see what we recommend paid and free
- Doric Design charges
- transaction costs

What you can see in our demo shops
- different ways to display your products 
- how sales and special offers can be shown
- discounts
- reviews
- social media
- an unbranded shop - think about how you would want to personalise it to your business 

What else can you try
- create a test order
- explore the extra tools (apps) we recommend
- get in touch to start talking to us about your online shop

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Choosing Shopify as our ecommerce platform


Costs to expect when setting up your online shop

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