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We develop sites that are tailored to you and your audience, accessible to everyone, secure and optimised for search engines. 

Website design & development

Free consultation

We offer a free initial consultation where we can talk to you about what you want to achieve with your website, including online shopping. We will also find out who your audience is (this could be your customers, partners, volunteers, funders, whoever is important to you). Knowing your audience helps us to structure your content around the information they are interested in. Our content also aims to help you promote the services and products you offer.

We can also assess your current site and prepare an improvement plan to support our quotation.    

Content that reflects you

We develop content (text and images) tailored to you and written for the online reader. We make your website consistent with your social media by reusing images across the sites. We can help you develop the voice of your business or group online so you are clear and consistent, and your voice reflects your work

Designing for you

We can develop a new web design for you or use your existing branding and designs. We aim to develop designs that are clean, easy to navigate and reflect you.

Online shops

We work with Shopify, a leading ecommerce system to build online shops. We can help you get started online with your first store or expand your current shop.

We have demonstration sites built using Shopify.  There you can look round as a customer and see variations such as size and colour in products and postcode checking for delivery eligibilty, and try the checkout. 

Website & email set up

We work with multiple content management services and hosting providers so you are free to continue using your current service or we can recommend an alternative.  We always set up our sites as secure (HTTPS) sites so people can send you information safely. We can also set up business email addresses for you. 

Your mobile site

We work with content management systems that allow us to check how your site will appear on mobile devices (phones and tablets). We aim to create designs and content that will work well on mobile.

Getting your site found - search engine optimisation (SEO)

We will develop bespoke content (page titles and descriptions) for every page of your site. Search engines such as Google use this to find your site. Search engines display this text on their search results page. We will also write page content that is optimised for search engines and advise you on other ways you can help your site get found online, for example submitting your sitemap to Google, setting up Google My Business and getting other people to link back to your site (back linking).

Accessible to everyone

We aim to create sites that are accessible to people using screen readers and assistive devices. Our designs aim to be clear and easy to navigate for everyone.

Who’s visiting your site – Google analytics

We will set up Google analytics on your site so you can see the number of users, which pages they are visiting and other information about how your site is being used. We can help you set up monthly reports about your site.

Bringing in your social media

If you have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media accounts we can promote these on your site. We can also advise on how to use images and content consistently to support who you are online.

Special features

We can work with you to identify online tools that will be useful to you. We’ve built quick editing tools for clients, managed an online survey as part of a community consultation and set up an online booking service for a community space.

Updating your site

It’s important to keep website up to date and show your latest work, opportunities, products, services and offers. We can help you maintain your site.

Update the site yourself

We can train you to update the site yourself. We will talk to you about the training, so it’s focused on the tasks you want to do on your website. We can also create a tailored training manual supporting you making updates and adding new content to your site.

Our updating service

We can maintain your site for you, adding new content and updating pages. We understand how important your site is for your business or group so we will always aim to do your updates as quickly as we can.

Supporting you

We always aim to be available to our clients. If you need an update to your site, some advice or a new piece of development let us know and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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